Wednesday, April 08, 2009

No sleep, Spanish Chicks, Daddy Yankee and Whores!

After that awful bus ride up to AC, I just wanted to get off the bus, I wanted to get off so bad, I said fuck the $20 bucks cash you get back if we just stayed on the bus till we got to the Tropicana. Figured, getting dropped off at the Trop, and catching a cab back to the Showboat, still would've had some extra cash back making the trip up cheaper.

So we get off Resorts and walk across the street to the Taj Mahal. We just make it in time to see the TOC tournament winding down. We stop by the Tah's Poker room to see the ATLARGE crew and say whats up to the rest of the MDP gang.

Check in for ATLARGE and head to our room over the Showboat. Finally check in the Showboat, whole time Amir is just buggin the shit out of me and Kenny trying to find where our room is at, calling every 5 minutes 2 hours before his arrival to AC...he finally makes it and meets us in our room. I mentioned I wasn't playing any poker and wanted to go out and drink and party tonight...Amir is always down with a party that has something to do with hooking up with bitches.

After being up the whole time the night before, drunk out my ass might I add, Sleep was needed...I got a full 2 hours sleep before Amir called and said, that Daddy Yankee was at the Taj that night and said it would be a ton of broads there...Kenny, Amir, Ricky and I ended up going to party...Click the link, I saw a bunch of people recording it with their phones, so I looked it up and saw that some were posted on youtube. I was hoping it was the chick next to me cause then you could've seen the bitch I was tryin to holla at...wow, Dominican chick, was so sexy, sexy accent...good lawd...I aint get none though...sucked....had a good time at the show though...I never even heard of this guy till we went...not my type of music, but good lawd, the women in there...I swear, I want to marry me a spanish chick!

After the show, we headed to the Tropicanna for the afterparty at the Cuba Libre Wow so many women down there, struck out for the regular women, but as drunk as I was, I couldn't tell the AC Whores from the club chicks.

So after going back over to the Taj, extra drunk, just decided every single chick walkng around was a whore and decided to call it a night and go to bed...had the ATLARGE No limit tournament in the morning to play, so I would attempt to get some sleep...nice hit, its 4am and the tourney starts at 11am...oh yeah will I be ready for that!


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