Saturday, August 22, 2009

If I didn't black cat myself!

Yes indeed...I black cat myself. If its one valuble lesson I have learned over the years of playing poker, is never get ahead of yourself. What I mean by that is, You really can't go to a game, in your mind, "knowing" you are the best player there. Gotta stay humble, or you will find your self making the most dumbest plays ever.

Its a couple games that I have been frequently playing at lately, just because the play there is so bad...I have been going off and on the past 6 months maybe, hitting one of the 3 games at least once every 2 weeks...logging in a win...then I started making it out more frequently...with more wins being logged, and worse case scenario, I break dead even, and make a run for it...just to keep my record clean at these games.

Friday night's game didn't run last night, so I get a text from @onafolddraw "what's your back up plan?" My reply, "I'm going to Wolf's game tonight, you want to go and run it like we did in Atlantic City?"

So the plan has been set, we are off to Wolfs...So Travis stops by my place, its a little early...so he has the bright idea and wants to tell me he has an ego boost. So of course, I had to brag a little bit and tell him that I have never lost at these games. I swear, 15 seconds after I said that, I knew it was a wrap for that game. All I kept thinking about was the Ted Effect.

Ted Effect (Adj.) 1. To brag about ones self of superiority to another, then ship it at the game as punishment for bragging. 2. Black catting ones self. 3. Simply put: You Jinxed Yourself Dummy!

What's really put the icing on the cake, Knowing I jinxed myself, I still made a comment on Twitter, that I really didn't want too, but did anyway... Ehonda500MobReally, the fish are getting frustrated...hate to sound so up on myself, but these dudes are so outclassed

After that tweet, it was a wrap...The frustration set in early...couldn't shake it tilting for nothing...But like I heard someone say to someone...How can you be tilting when you are already playing bad.

I should've gotten up even to keep my record clean...Just couldn't get myself to give up...All that "swallow up your pride" to withhold an image is out the door again...

So to end my night, I decided to do a bonehead play and give @fivefingerz a +400 pot. He makes it $30 PF, I cold call with A5s. Flop: AdXsXs Top pair, Nut Flush Draw, Ricky bets out $35, I just mush for over $200...He tanks, and thinking I had the As ready to show, I turn my card over and see its the 5s...It's already too late to play it off, so whatever happens, happens...He ends up calling with AJ, which after I show the 5, he doesn't put his house note in the pot, I have no clue...But he ends up calling and I get up cause the Spade doesn't fall...Bonehead I swear...I swear...I meant to show the As to induce action. Eh...Live and Learn...Lesson...Just never show the fucking card...it never works out...How about when I get QQ the other night at Tanyas and Ivans game and Donk to my right flopped Bottom pair (He is holding 64o) to a raise of $35 pf. He checks on a 9 high board so I put him all in for for nomore that $100 and I show him 1 Q...he says, I am probably beat so he sticks his money in...oh look at the turn card, he peeled his 2 outer...6 on the turn..Ding!

Fuck Showing Cards, That amateur play is out my play book from now on!

Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 Borgata Poker Open

Eh, If you did not know already, I didn't go to the last O8 event at the Borgata couple months ago. I didn't want to go solo up there, and being I had to leave to AC immediately after Monday Night's game, there was no way I was going up solo.

Well, I got another shot again!

The Borgata has the 2009 WPT Borgata Poker Open coming up September 9 - September 24, 2009. I'm going to take my shot at the Omaha H/L event. $400 bucks for a 2 day event.

I guess since I'm up there, if I don't survive, I can take a shot at a sattelite event to get into the Main Event.

I suck at keeping up my blog...I can text my ass off though...so follow me on Twitter @ehonda500Mob

I always say this, but I'll try to keep this up.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Borgata Summer Open '09

Looking forward to the Omaha H/L 8 tournament on Tuesday.

Hope all goes well and I will be able to make it out there...just gotta take care of a couple things and I'll be good to go. It's only a 1 day tournament so only plan to stay up there to play the tournament, then head back to MD.

Good luck to the MD-Poker Circuit out Vegas in the WSOP $1500 HORSE tournament!

Hope 1 of you fucks brings a bracelet home!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The S.H.O.P Closes its doors.

Whats up everyone? Let me sweep the dust out of here...its been a while...just got nothing to talk about. Same ole, same ole, dealing here and there, playing here and there, shipping it here and there...notice I didn't say win money over there and over there...cause its not like that. I've been shipping it since I got back from Atlantic City on my birthday.

So I'm chilling, taking a small hiatus playing for a little while...just trying to stack bread to ship back to the poker community soon...I'll make sure to let everyone know so you all can add it to your calendar and expect a bonus check that week.

Work has slowed down, expenses keep rising, can't afford to ship it as much as I like too.

Pop's last game was this past Saturday, I'm sad I couldn't play....I did deal the tournament, which the winners did take care of me...just sad I couldn't get in the cash game that day.

Thanks Pops for the 3 years of great games!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

No sleep, Spanish Chicks, Daddy Yankee and Whores!

After that awful bus ride up to AC, I just wanted to get off the bus, I wanted to get off so bad, I said fuck the $20 bucks cash you get back if we just stayed on the bus till we got to the Tropicana. Figured, getting dropped off at the Trop, and catching a cab back to the Showboat, still would've had some extra cash back making the trip up cheaper.

So we get off Resorts and walk across the street to the Taj Mahal. We just make it in time to see the TOC tournament winding down. We stop by the Tah's Poker room to see the ATLARGE crew and say whats up to the rest of the MDP gang.

Check in for ATLARGE and head to our room over the Showboat. Finally check in the Showboat, whole time Amir is just buggin the shit out of me and Kenny trying to find where our room is at, calling every 5 minutes 2 hours before his arrival to AC...he finally makes it and meets us in our room. I mentioned I wasn't playing any poker and wanted to go out and drink and party tonight...Amir is always down with a party that has something to do with hooking up with bitches.

After being up the whole time the night before, drunk out my ass might I add, Sleep was needed...I got a full 2 hours sleep before Amir called and said, that Daddy Yankee was at the Taj that night and said it would be a ton of broads there...Kenny, Amir, Ricky and I ended up going to party...Click the link, I saw a bunch of people recording it with their phones, so I looked it up and saw that some were posted on youtube. I was hoping it was the chick next to me cause then you could've seen the bitch I was tryin to holla at...wow, Dominican chick, was so sexy, sexy accent...good lawd...I aint get none though...sucked....had a good time at the show though...I never even heard of this guy till we went...not my type of music, but good lawd, the women in there...I swear, I want to marry me a spanish chick!

After the show, we headed to the Tropicanna for the afterparty at the Cuba Libre Wow so many women down there, struck out for the regular women, but as drunk as I was, I couldn't tell the AC Whores from the club chicks.

So after going back over to the Taj, extra drunk, just decided every single chick walkng around was a whore and decided to call it a night and go to bed...had the ATLARGE No limit tournament in the morning to play, so I would attempt to get some sleep...nice hit, its 4am and the tourney starts at 11am...oh yeah will I be ready for that!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Last Night's Game

I've been reading this book that Travis let me borrow. Your Worst Poker Enemy by Alan N. Schoonmaker. Its not a book on poker strategy/theory or anything like that. More like helping you to identify and stop psychologically based mistakes, Using Intuition vs. Logic, Evaluating Yourself and the Opposition, Understanding Unconscious and Emotional Factors, Adjusting to Changes and Handling stress.

This book is great so far, Yes its kinda hard for me to understand, so I re-read it and re-read it...It has helped out alot this year so far, I'm still reading it, for some reason it takes me forever to get through a book...I guess cause if I don't understand a section, I'll go back and re-read it again. Like some people, they are good just reading it...some learn easier with a teacher...I need both. I need to go home and read it, then go to class and the teacher talk about the chapters in my face.

I wish I had an outside source that can be very honest with me with my play and what not. Being that I play with alot of the people in our circuit. It's hard for me to distinguish someone critizing me for the better or to use it for later on down the road to felt me. Seriuosly, when someone says I have been playing good, I can't tell if its genuine or if its a ploy to keep me playing the same way. Even when playing around, we call each other fish, and I believe half the time they really mean it cause I know I do!

I made a mistake going to the game with only 1 bullet. I normally have a stop/loss at $500 and call it quits, when you beat, you beat, right? I just can't see getting into a $1-$2 NL game for more than that. I've seen it done, and yes, I'm guilty of it, but I know what it feels like, and its not cool.

The night was pretty much cut and dry. I went into the night saying to myself, I am more of an intuuition player than logical player, but this year, I have been putting alot of logic to my thinking so I can help correct my mistakes. In turn, I am not making my decisions so instantly.

Last night I learned a good lesson. I will not post it on here, because alot of people I play with actually might read this blog. But here is a hand history that actually felted me last night which helped me on my self evaluation. Also, I have a theory I want to test out on one of the players I think I figured out last night, the whole night, I tried to predict his actions, and most of the night I was correct, which is why I should've went with my gut instinct last night. I guess from that, you'll know exactly who I'm talking about. Mind you, so many people have different opinions on this guy. Even though he might be an asshole to most of everyone when playing poker, I actually think he knows the game very well. I actually think he is a good player. Most might disagree, which is why the poker economy will never go dry. No one will ever think or play this game the exact same way!

I'm starting this hand with around $335'ish and I started out the night with $200. I'm on the button and its limped around to me, and I make it my normal $7 to go preflop...I catch 3 players to tag along...

Pot: $30
Flop: Jc3s7s

Ted Checks, Harold checks, JayH makes it $10, I raises it to $35, Ted makes it $135, Harold Folds, Jay folds, E re-raises to $185, Ted moves all in, I call. Ted has me way covered.

Turn and river I don't remember, I know the flush got there on the river, but Ted turns over a flopped set of 7s and I flopped bottom set and lose.

I call it a night.

(Its hard to believe me, but Honestly, I actually go in the tank and first thing that came to my mind was he hit a set of Js again. I wanted to muck so bad but then this exact thought came to my head..."I don't care, I'll stack off with a set all the time" Those that know me know I have been saying that for years, and after that thought, "raise" came out my mouth...I decided that I needed to see for myself, and even if Ted was fucking around with AJs, He'll lay it down, but since my mouth acted faster than my brain and I decided not to go with my first instinct and give the hand up after only committing $42 total dollars, I raise enough to commit me to get my money in the middle.)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bus Ride to AC

After a night of partying and trying to sober up at a $1-$2 NL game, it was time to pack and get on the bus to AC. The bus departs at New Carrollton Station at 9:15am...Makes a 10 minute stop at Downtown Baltimore, Travel plaza in Baltimore, then the AC Bus Depot, then the misc casinos.

Kenny and I have caught the bus up before and the bust was empty so I was anticipating being able to sleep and snore my ass off...nope, fail...Packed Bus...PACKED!!!! So I sit by a 50 somethin' lady and her friends were sitting in the row in front. OK...Now I have to stay awake just to respect her space and me knowing my snoring is off the hook.


Not even 15 minutes down B/W Parkway, I catch myself drifting into sleep and caught myself just as I'm about to snore my ass off....At the same time, the ladies in front of me decided to comment, in a fashion that the whole bus can hear...about how she has to sit by a snoring man...wow...they was going, oh it wasn't one comment and lots of laughing!

We finally reach the Travel Plaza so I get out hoping the cold air and me stretching my legs will wake me up a little bit, so as I'm walking off the bus, I'm looking for Kenny, I didn't see him, oh well, he might of stepped off the bus...

So I'm standing outside the bus and look up and see kenny's face pressed up against the glass...I don't know if he was laughing or trying to say Help! How come I didn't see him whenI left, oh yeah, the lady he is sitting by is the biggest lady in the world, and on the bus. LOL I thought I had it bad with the joning ladies...But Kenny can't breath up there! I wanted to take a picture, but I don't have a Blackberry with a camera.

When we got to AC, we got off the bus, as tired as I was trying to fight sleep, I didn't want to wait to get to the Trop just to get the $20 cash back. If you go any other casino, they give you a voucher, Trop is the only one that gives actuall cash back. I just wanted to get to the showboat and get in the room and take a nap.

We finally get to AC, stop by the Taj Mahal Poker room and check in on everyone else that was playing the TOC tournament. Travis took 1st for a nice hit!

Walk over to Showboat so I can put my shit in the room, get something to eat, then go to sleep...No sleep, I got a 1 1/2 hour nap, then it was time to go out and party some more!

Amir met us up there and we couldn't figure out where to go drinking and partying, he said Daddy Yankee was up at the Taj, and it was gonna be a ton of women...Um, I never heard of this bama, but Fuck It, lets go party!