Friday, March 27, 2009

Bus Ride to AC

After a night of partying and trying to sober up at a $1-$2 NL game, it was time to pack and get on the bus to AC. The bus departs at New Carrollton Station at 9:15am...Makes a 10 minute stop at Downtown Baltimore, Travel plaza in Baltimore, then the AC Bus Depot, then the misc casinos.

Kenny and I have caught the bus up before and the bust was empty so I was anticipating being able to sleep and snore my ass off...nope, fail...Packed Bus...PACKED!!!! So I sit by a 50 somethin' lady and her friends were sitting in the row in front. OK...Now I have to stay awake just to respect her space and me knowing my snoring is off the hook.


Not even 15 minutes down B/W Parkway, I catch myself drifting into sleep and caught myself just as I'm about to snore my ass off....At the same time, the ladies in front of me decided to comment, in a fashion that the whole bus can hear...about how she has to sit by a snoring man...wow...they was going, oh it wasn't one comment and lots of laughing!

We finally reach the Travel Plaza so I get out hoping the cold air and me stretching my legs will wake me up a little bit, so as I'm walking off the bus, I'm looking for Kenny, I didn't see him, oh well, he might of stepped off the bus...

So I'm standing outside the bus and look up and see kenny's face pressed up against the glass...I don't know if he was laughing or trying to say Help! How come I didn't see him whenI left, oh yeah, the lady he is sitting by is the biggest lady in the world, and on the bus. LOL I thought I had it bad with the joning ladies...But Kenny can't breath up there! I wanted to take a picture, but I don't have a Blackberry with a camera.

When we got to AC, we got off the bus, as tired as I was trying to fight sleep, I didn't want to wait to get to the Trop just to get the $20 cash back. If you go any other casino, they give you a voucher, Trop is the only one that gives actuall cash back. I just wanted to get to the showboat and get in the room and take a nap.

We finally get to AC, stop by the Taj Mahal Poker room and check in on everyone else that was playing the TOC tournament. Travis took 1st for a nice hit!

Walk over to Showboat so I can put my shit in the room, get something to eat, then go to sleep...No sleep, I got a 1 1/2 hour nap, then it was time to go out and party some more!

Amir met us up there and we couldn't figure out where to go drinking and partying, he said Daddy Yankee was up at the Taj, and it was gonna be a ton of women...Um, I never heard of this bama, but Fuck It, lets go party!


Anonymous said...

E, in the future definitely get the voucher from Resorts or other casinos. It's +EV. I know at Resorts, they put $25 on your players card to use at a slot machine. If you go in and immediately turn to your right, you'll see some slot machines. Among the slot machines are video Poker machines. Play the 9/6 JoB machine since that has the smallest house edge over any machine there. You may have to spend a little bit of time playing but you should be able to wind up with around $25 cash as a result which makes your bus trip almost free and is better than the $20 you get from the Trop.

jesus said...

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