Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The S.H.O.P Closes its doors.

Whats up everyone? Let me sweep the dust out of here...its been a while...just got nothing to talk about. Same ole, same ole, dealing here and there, playing here and there, shipping it here and there...notice I didn't say win money over there and over there...cause its not like that. I've been shipping it since I got back from Atlantic City on my birthday.

So I'm chilling, taking a small hiatus playing for a little while...just trying to stack bread to ship back to the poker community soon...I'll make sure to let everyone know so you all can add it to your calendar and expect a bonus check that week.

Work has slowed down, expenses keep rising, can't afford to ship it as much as I like too.

Pop's last game was this past Saturday, I'm sad I couldn't play....I did deal the tournament, which the winners did take care of me...just sad I couldn't get in the cash game that day.

Thanks Pops for the 3 years of great games!

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Ehonda said...

LOL at Trav's Bush and no beard self.